Attendee Profile:

Personnel from the IC, U.S. Military Commands, Government Agencies, and Industry involved in converting large amounts of unstructured data into real time, actionable intelligence with titles such as:

Big Data Analyst

 Lead Database Admin

Database Software Engineer

Big Data Consultant

Senior Architect

Business Intelligence Analyst

Product Manager

Data Science Manager

IT Analyst

Quantitative Data Analyst

Data Business Analyst

Chief Data Scientist

Big Data Specialist

VP of Data Sciences

Senior Enterprise Data Architect

Software Engineer

AI Product Analyst

Technical Program Manager

Software Developer

SQL Analyst

Hadoop Solutions Architect

Data Analyst

Quality Assurance Engineer

Web Developer

Data Loss Prevention Manager

Data Modeler

Intelligence Solutions Architect

Software Architect

Big Data Engineer

Quantitative Analyst

Data Warehouse Engineer

AI Architect

AI Engineer

Data Analytics and Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

SQL Engineer

Software Engineer

Data Engineer

Database Software Engineer

Cloud Solutions Architect

Data Scientist

Enterprise Data Architect

Senior Enterprise Data Architect

Digital Analytics Analyst

Web Analytics Manager

Data Engineer

Intelligence Analyst

Data Governance Analyst

AI Researcher

R&D Machine Learning and Big Data Analyst

Cloud Solutions Account Executive

Lead Configuration Data Manager

Mission Engagement and Senior Advisor for Data