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Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to the public sector and commercial markets, with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. By combining our public and private sector expertise, we help clients address their most complex challenges and navigate significant regulatory pressures focusing on transformational change, business resiliency, and technology-driven innovation.


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Primer builds and deploys mission-ready AI and NLP applications on a very large corpora of unstructured data. We differentiate ourselves by our speed to deployment powered by our ML infrastructure, and the performance and accuracy of our models required to inform critical decision-making. By harnessing natural language processing, our systems can read documents, extract insights, and write reports comparable to those of a human analyst. Our technology is deployed by the U.S. Government and Fortune 100 companies to help analysts and operators extract timely insight and decision advantage from massive datasets.

Seerist is the only augmented analytics solution that helps over 500 global organizations and corporations better navigate a risky world by preparing them for potential events that may be highly disruptive to their operations. We combine ever-evolving artificial intelligence with expert ears-to-the ground risk analysts to sift through the noise of global chatter and identify– or even predict – potential threats for our clients. To learn more about Seerist and its cutting-edge capabilities, please visit www.seerist.com 

Snowflake for public sector makes it easy to modernize and accelerate cloud migration, share data securely, and ensure data governance for improved resiliency and enhanced mission outcomes. Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables organizations to enable a data-informed government. Leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud and platform to power IT modernization, improve citizen services, and drive innovation and efficiency. Snowflake delivers a FedRAMP-authorized, seamless experience across multiple public clouds. Learn more at Snowflake.com/public-sector.

Gold Sponsors:

ERAI is a business intelligence firm. Our web accessed databases and search tools help business, industry, and governments with counterfeit electronics risk mitigation.

Qlik, with the recent addition of Talend®, delivers an industry-leading portfolio of solutions for data integration, data quality and analytics. This includes advancements in real-time data, AI, ML, and automation. The most successful organizations are investing in data to make sense of the increasing amounts and varieties of data from diverse sources. The challenge is to effectively integrate, analyze and act on the data while ensuring its trustworthiness. With more than 40,000 active customers in over 100 countries, Qlik’s solutions work with virtually any data source, target, architecture, or methodology, to ensure customers have the data they need, whenever they need it.

Networking Sponsors:

Dun & Bradstreet Public Sector helps government foster healthy communities, detect fraud, protect supply chains and mobilize relief efforts by leveraging proprietary data and analytical insights essential to their critical missions.  This data is differentiated by the scale, depth, diversity, and accuracy of its constantly expanding business decisioning data, insights, and solutions.     Clients of Dun & Bradstreet can select from commercial off the shelf products or streamlined solutions augmented by discipline-focused data scientists, solutions engineers, artificial intelligence, and predictive data to enhance governing agencies’ decision making.

Sayari provides global corporate transparency and supply chain risk identification for government and industry. Its commercial risk intelligence software harvests comprehensive corporate and trade data from more than 250 jurisdictions worldwide and surfaces previously hidden risk insights in an intuitive network analysis platform.


Clarivate is a leading global information services provider. We connect governments and organizations to data intelligence they can trust to transform their perspectives and work in a complex, interconnected global environment. Our subscription and technology-based solutions are coupled with deep domain expertise covering the areas of research and innovation in Academia & Government, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Intellectual Property. For more information, please visit https://clarivate.com/industries/government/.

Exovera provides artificial intelligence-enabled platforms that enhance intelligence and law enforcement operations by generating a higher level of awareness, understanding, and strategic foresight across a wide range of complex issues and environments.

LexisNexis Special Services Inc. (LNSSI) was founded to help government agencies create actionable intelligence and deliver data-driven decisions. We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to arm government agencies with superior data, technology, and analytics to support mission success. We are committed to innovation and continue to bring new solutions to our government partners to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation. https://risk.lexisnexis.com/le

Pyramid Analytics is the next generation of business analytics. The award-winning Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform empowers people with augmented, automated, and collaborative insights that simplify and guide the use of data in decision-making. Critically, the Pyramid Platform operates directly on any data, enabling governed self-service for any person, and meeting analytical needs in a no-code environment without data extraction, ingestion, and duplication. It combines data prep, business analytics, and data science into one frictionless platform to empower anyone with intelligent decision-making.

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Vertosoft is a high-value distributor dedicated to providing the most coveted innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. Our comprehensive solution portfolio coupled with our elite services provides channel partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.


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Discover the best hand-picked artificial intelligence and machine learning events.



We explore how AI and Exponential Technologies bring opportunities for people and organizations to increase their wealth and health.

Our audience is anyone interested in improving in their career, their business, their investments, living a healthier and more fulfilling life, or simply understanding how Exponential Technologies are changing the world.



Datafloq offers information, insights, and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. It is the best place to find talent, receive leads or share your knowledge with millions of users. Visit Datafloq.com today for more information.


Datanami is the news portal dedicated to providing the latest insights, analysis and information surrounding emerging trends, advances and solutions in big data. The portal illuminates cutting edge technologies including networking, storage and applications, and their impact upon business, industry, government, and research. The publication examines the avalanche of unprecedented amounts of data and the effects the high-end data explosion is having across the IT, enterprise, and commercial markets.


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The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered association whose mission is to foster community, advocacy, and professional development that empowers you and your team to deliver value through analytics. Founded in 2004, DAA’s vision is to unlock your potential through analytics. The organization has a community of over 15,000 people worldwide, representing a broad spectrum of expertise and industries. For more information about the DAA or to become a member, visit the DAA website at www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org.



We believe in the power of collaboration to unlock human potential and growth. We make collaboration better with growth-minded people and cutting-edge technology. Events are where people connect and everything can happen: learning, partnership, and growth. We are building tools for event organizers to seamlessly collaborate with speakers, partners, and sponsors. United we are stronger. Join us!



Government Technology Insider brings together the insights of thought leaders and experts across all IT fields that influence how public sector agencies can leverage next-generation IT solutions to deliver on the mission. Our experts use this space to explore the latest innovations and most pressing tech-related issues faced by Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and their teams. You can find out more at www.governmenttechnologyinsider.com


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GRC, or Governance, Risk, and Compliance, is a set of plans for managing an organization’s overall risk and compliance with regulations. A well-planned GRC strategy benefits businesses by providing improved decision-making, optimal IT investments, enhanced security, and better management. GRC Outlook Magazine showcases innovative security solutions in the industry, and research by a team of industry veterans, editors, and cybersecurity specialists. Our magazine also provides CIOs’ and CISOs’ viewpoints on the latest security and compliance trends.


insideBIGDATA – keeping a pulse on the big data ecosystem with a focus on: data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning. 


Women in Data is a global community of data leaders, changemakers, learners, and data citizens. We are driven by our mission to increase diversity in data careers through our three pillars, awareness, education and empowerment. No matter where you are in your career journey, we’re here to help. Visit womenindata.org to join us!